Monday, November 7, 2011


Last term we learnt about fractions in maths. ½ is half and half is 2 equal groups.
If you are sharing 6 strawberries with 2 friends each friend would get 3
The 1 is for the 1 part of the circle and the 2 is for you made it into 2 pieces.

You can learn more about fractions here:

By Princess

Monday, October 31, 2011

Term 4 Learning

This term is a short one with only 8 weeks. The weather is warming up and we are looking forward to summer. Here are some of our learning focuses.

Our school wide concept is: 'Changes'

We will be exploring :
How we can observe changes in our world by looking at day and night and seasons. We are planning a trip to Stardome. 

In writing we will be looking at moment in time, 3 point plans (to help us start paragraphing) and recrafting. We will continue to use language features such as alliteration, simile and metaphor, powerful verbs, adjectives, adverbs, onomatopoeia, dialogue and staccato sentences. These skills are reinforced through our personal recounts and cameo writing. In Transactional Writing we will focus on writing instructions. 

Number: addition and subtraction, number knowledge, basic facts (Weeks 1-2)
Measurement: time and temperature (Week 3)
Number: addition and subtraction, number knowledge, basic facts (Weeks 4-6)
Statistics: literacy and probability (Weeks 7-8)
We will continue to have weekly sessions with Jonty. he will teach us various athletics skills ready for our athletics day later in the term. We will carry on our discussions using the 'Kids Rich in Character' programme.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sumptious Similes

Today in class we learned about similes that use as. Similes compare two similar things. They help the reader to get a clear picture in their mind. We also talked about using adjectives in our similes and giving the noun an action. Check out these examples from the students. Some of these are level 2, maybe even level 3 examples of writing!

The mountain loomed as large as ...
a huge grumpy giant.
a deadly and huge dinosaurs stomping and destroying our precious city.
the burning sun.
an enormous museum.
a ginormous stomping giant.
a fiery dragon burning the towers in the sky.

My sister ran as fast as ...
a racing car zip zapping!
a black and white striped tiger sprinting across the plain.
a white racing horse.
a fox.
a rocket flying in the air.
a flash of lightning.
a galloping horse.

Her smile was as beautiful as ...
a sparkling dolphin.
daffodils in the breeze.
butterflies floating in the air.
a fragrant rose.

ROPS Arts Festival

We are excited about 'expressing ourselves' this week through the arts. On Wednesday and Thursday we are having an Arts Festival at Royal Oak School.

Parents and Grandparents are invited to come along. There are lots of exciting things happening. Go to the school website ( to see the timetable.

If your child/grandchild is in Year 2 we would especially like to invite you to watch our Folk Dancing display. Come to the hall at 11.45 to see our fabulous dancers. You may also like to have lunch afterwards with us in the courtyard by the Year 2 playground.

We hope to see you there!

We'll post some pics of the event if you can't make it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We have developed a class symbaloo account to save our favourite websites. The children can access this from home (or anywhere) by going to:
The username is:
The children should know the password. Check with Miss McClue if you have forgotten.

The tiles are colour coded.
Red - reading
Green - maths
Blue - topic
White - school websites (e.g. our blog)
Black - general

We hope this will be useful to us and we will keep adding new great websites as we find them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arts Rotation - Weaving

This term as part of our inquiry into how we can express ourselves the year 2 classes are having a rotation of the arts. Our first activity was visiting Room 10 and learning about weaving. In week 1 the children learned how to make fish and windmills. The second week was when they wove puti puti (flowers). It is tradition to give away the first puti puti you make. Although ours are currently on display in the classroom. Have a look at photos of some of the children making their puti puti.

When the Wind Blows

When the wind blows
dogs bark, hats scatter.
When the wind blows
teeth chatter, frogs leap.
When the wind blows
ducks flap, flowers flop.
When the wind blows
doors crash, doors slam.
When the wind blows
dogs race, hair tangles.
When the wind blows
cars zoom, waves roar.
When the wind blows
birds soar, horses neigh.
When the wind blows
inside is a haven
outside is a battle.

By Sparkly